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Best Cafes in London for Law Students

Updated: Mar 4

Mary Joy Kawano is a second year Law LLB student at King's College London. When not reading a book, she can be found sleeping in the Maughan library with a half-empty cup of coffee beside her. In her post below, Mary lists out some of the best coffee shops in London that any student would absolutely find themselves working productively in.


Studying can sometimes be either the most boring thing you can possibly be doing on a Saturday morning, or it can be the most rewarding. Studying law, it would be safe to say that you’d find yourself, more often than not, catching up to work (or staying ahead of the curve!) on a weekend. Of course, you can do your work at home, where you don’t have any distractions. You can even go to the reliable library that everyone else goes to (yes, Maughan, I’m looking at you).

But what many people seem to forget, in their rush to finish their work, is that coffee shops are amazing for getting in the zone. And no, I’m not talking about Pret, even if their coffee subscription is amazing.

So below are some of the best coffee shops to go to when you need to get your work done!

1. The Prettiest!

Of all the coffee shops listed on here, the one that would win the award for prettiest café would go to The Wren Coffee in the beautiful St Nicholas Cole Abbey, just a short walk away from Blackfriars station.

With the best quiet, tranquil atmosphere, you’re surely going to get your mid-week class prep done in one sitting here. Remember though, Wren Coffee may be great for a mid-week pick me up, but it’s not an option for the weekends as it’s only open Mondays through Fridays.

2. For Study Groups!

Many people would argue that studying with other people (especially when a deadline is coming up) is a bad idea. But in Host Café, that may not be a problem. Situated in one of the most photogenic cafes anyone has ever seen, Host Café also advertises an amazing deal for anyone looking to have a spot reserved just for them and their work needs.

If you choose to work here, the best plan would be to make a reservation via their website where you’re guaranteed a slot up to 4 hours (or 8 hours if you’re feeling intense), including 2 free coffees, teas, or sodas. When you’re ready to grab a few friends and hold each other accountable, take note that Host Café is also only open Mondays through Fridays.

3. For the People-Watchers!

When you’re out studying or getting some work done, you’re not always sticking your nose in a book. We never admit it, but people watching is definitely a no-brainer break from doing what we’re supposed to do. In SOHO Coffee Co., especially the one on 215 Strand, you’ll find yourself enjoying the steady bustle of people coming to and from work (and the KCL strand campus nearby!). Should you find yourself here, you might even feel motivated as many law firms and chambers are dotted around this area.

4. The Student Classic!

Everyone’s got their classic choices, their go-to’s, right? For many students that I know, the familiar favorite has to be Le Pain Quotidien, with its large selection of food and drinks, as well as its multiple locations scattered around London. As one of the few places with sockets literally everywhere, as well as unlimited WIFI and great service (where they definitely won’t kick you out even if you stay til closing), it’s an easy choice to make.

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