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Politics, Philosophy and Law (PPL) at King’s College London

Updated: Mar 4

Amina Bold is a first year PPL student at King's College London. In her blog post below, she shares her experience of her degree and the various components that make up the course!


My name is Amina and I study LLB Politics, Philosophy and Law (PPL). PPL is a qualifying law degree with various political economy and philosophy elements. Its variety is rivaled only by the American liberal arts degree. In terms of Philosophy, I chose to study Logic and Ethics in the combined ‘Introduction to Philosophy’ module and Greek Philosophy. In Greek Philosophy, we are currently reading about Pre-Sophists and Milesians. Although the online semester has been pretty different from what we’re all used to, I have learned so much from my lecturers. Currently, our Contract law lecture is taught by Catherine Macmillan, who is renowned in the legal field and is actually mentioned by name in our Contract Law textbook! Even though the professors can be intimidating, the support you are given is extensive. Over this past term I have also made great use of office hours, which are easily bookable online and have given me a great deal of support in a time where you can feel greatly isolated. Furthermore, my personal tutor Christopher Townley, has made sure that no student has felt isolated as we had several virtual several chats over the past term. The access and support of the Dickson Poon School of Law makes studying Law much less intimidating than what I initially thought.

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Additionally, I chose to study at King’s because of its great balance between social life and academic pursuits. The KCLSU is the largest independent student’s union in the nation. When everything was open, I had the opportunity to make friends with a spectrum of people who came from wildly different backgrounds. I have attended international schools my entire life and KCL feels no different. My flat mates are all from completely different places. In fact, we have lived in over twenty different countries between the six of us! In terms of law-related extracurriculars, I am part of the KCL StreetLaw Society and the Law Society. Recently, the StreetLaw Society hosted a Pro-Bono training session with the Magic Circle law firm, Allen & Overy. Although I never plan on going into corporate law, I gained an insight into effective ProBono and how to measure outreach success from partners at a globally renowned firm. Additionally, I also belong to the Minorities and Philosophy reading group. This brings attention to philosophers who are often overlooked. As we are often exposed to the notion that Western philosophy is superior, which is far from the truth, learning from a de-Westernized perspective is fascinating and really intrigues me!

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I can honestly say that my choice of degree is one of my best decisions I have ever made in my life! If you want to study Law and gain a more rounded understanding of the mechanisms and schools of thought contributing to its development, I would say PPL is the degree for you!

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