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Transnational Law Opportunities at King's College London!

Updated: Mar 4

Barbara Scheer is a second year English and German Law Student at King’s College London! In her post below, she reveals all the Transnational opportunities that The Dickson Poon School of Law offers!


Are you wondering what opportunities the Dickson Poon School of Law offers beyond the UK? There are plenty!

Firstly, if you have decided that you want to pursue the English law degree but you wish to enrich your experience, you have a choice to apply for a study abroad programme! This will allow you to explore another legal system, after having completed a year at KCL. The options include:

  • Law with North American Legal Studies LLB

  • Law with Transnational Legal Studies LLB

  • English Law with Australian Law LLB

  • Law LLB with a year on exchange in Singapore

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Another option consists of applying for a dual degree from the outset. This is a great choice if you have not decided whether you want to pursue a law as a career in the UK or in another legal system. This course has a duration of four years if you choose the English option, where the first two are spent in London, the third year in the respective country and the fourth year again in London. Upon completion you will be awarded an LLB in English law and a LLM in the legal system you chose. However, you can also choose to pursue the pathway of the other legal system of your degree. Then your first two years will be spent at King’s and the remaining time in the respective country. The choices here are:

  • English Law LLB with German Law LLM

  • English Law LLB with French Law LLM

  • English law LLB with Spanish Law LLM

  • English law LLB with American Law LLB or JD

  • English law LLB with Honk Kong Law LLB or JD

The third attractive opportunity is the European lawyer program. King’s has a partnership with ten other leading law schools in Europe where you can apply to spend a year. There you will study at two of the partner universities and obtain a Master’s degree from each of them. Note, that in order to participate, proficiency in the host language is a requirement.

  • The following countries are available for this program: Germany, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal, Greece.

If you want to read more about these opportunities, visit Kings’ Website:

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