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KCL Pro Bono Society

Committed to providing students with opportunities to engage with our aims of increasing legal education and access to justice

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The King's College London Pro Bono Society was founded in 2007 and has grown to encompass six skills-based volunteering projects. Our membership is composed of law and non-law students who are motivated by a pro bono publico mandate, which translates as ‘for the public good’.


We seek to enrich the learning experience at KCL by empowering our members to serve their communities’ legal and social needs. Our award-winning work takes form in assisting death-row inmates, providing alternative dispute resolution expertise, mentorship of sixth-form students as well as a wide range of other justice oriented projects.

Download Our Constitution and non-attendance policy:

Constitution 2020/21

Attendance Policy 2020/21



Our Society is made up of six projects covering a range of knowledge and skills based areas that are imperative to the field of pro bono work. 

Amicus Chapter

Amicus is a legal charity in the United Kingdom that works to provide support to capital defense lawyers in the United States. 

The King's Chapter sends volunteers to assist in the legal representation of the defendants.

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Junior Lawyers Against Poverty

Junior Lawyers Against Poverty (JLAP) is a project related to international development, poverty and human rights issues, and is a subsection of the larger Oxfam initiative.

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Human Rights Project

The Human Rights Project is a cornerstone of the King's Pro Bono Society. We hold a variety of events covering all ranges of rights topics.

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Legal Outreach

With a particular focus towards students from disadvantaged backgrounds, the Legal Outreach Project aims to offer guidance to students looking to venture into law. The project also hosts a mentorship programme for aspiring lawyers at King's.

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Climate Justice

In light of the climate crisis, the society has launched our new project, Climate Justice.

This project will raise awareness of the role that the law and lawyers can play in promoting environmental sustainability.

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Mediation Project

The Mediation Project provides and exciting opportunity to undergo accredited mediation training at a heavily discounted rate. The training teaches the skills that are invaluable for a career in law and in wider pro bono work.

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