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We are recruiting for the next academic term.

Deadline to Apply: Friday, 8th April 23:59

Recruitment Process

Our application process is straight forward. The first stage consists of a CV upload and short question responses. There is also the option to upload a video about your motivations for applying. Shortlisted candidates will then be invited to a 30-minute generalist interview which will cover competencies, experience and motivation. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Use the right-side navigation menu to jump to project openings of interest. Role descriptions are available on desktop browsers and via our application form. 

Open Positions: Main Committee


The Main Committee oversees all 6 projects and develops their own initiatives and events to further the aims of the society. They are responsible for central initiatives such as the Pro Bono Pod, Court Visits, and Pro Bono in the City Panel Series. 

Communications Officer

Events Officer

Media Officer 

The Communications Officer’s role centres around facilitating Society communications. They organise regular meetings to check-in with the Project Leads and facilitate cross-Society collaborations. They will also run external communications to our members, such as our monthly newsletter, keeping the website updated, and answering queries through our social media channels.

The Communications Officer should understand the activities and purposes of Projects in order to effectively represent and address their needs. They should have previous project management experience and clear communicative skills.

The Events Officer serves the key administrative function of communicating with the Law School, King’s Venues and external organisations, to organise events and facilitate room booking for our projects.

They are also expected to take the initiative and organise their own events, with the Events Officer traditionally taking a lead on the organisation of the Society’s panel series. They must be proactive, creative and have keen attention to detail, to ensure that everything from the guest list to refreshments has been taken care of.

The Media Officer’s role involves running the Society’s social media platforms. The Media Officer should have a good understanding of the Society’s vision and should draft branding material reflective of this. They are expected to develop media templates and assist Project Leads with effective promotion and marketing of their initiatives and events.  Experience using Canva or other graphic design platforms is essential.

They should also work closely with the Events Officer to plan and host online events. Tasks include creating Eventbrite pages and monitoring signups, scheduling Zoom meetings, liaising with guest speakers who join remotely and ensuring that everything runs smoothy.

Main Committee

The Legal Outreach project focuses on helping students from disadvantaged backgrounds who have an interest in studying law at university or want to pursue a legal career. The project hosts workshops and school visits with Y11, 12 and 13 students in London and across the UK. We focus on the LNAT, personal statements, and what a day in the life of a law student looks like, to ensure students have a well-rounded understanding of life beyond school. We partner with IntoUniversity and law firm CMS to deliver these presentations and offer work experience opportunities for the students. The project maintains a blog called 'Legal Know-How' and creates resources to send out to students throughout the year. The project also has an online mentorship scheme which partners KCL volunteers with Y12 students to provide advice and guidance on university life and UCAS applications.

Open Positions: Legal Outreach Project



Outreach Officer

Online Mentorship Coordinator

The Legal Outreach President should have previous managerial and project management experience, be detail-orientated and passionate about higher education. Communicative skills are vital to the engagement of key stakeholders such as our charity partners and schools, to maintain long lasting relationships with these institutions. Their ambition should also lead to the establishment of new relationships and opportunities to add further value to the lives of high-school students. They should be a team-player and able to manage a team of four.

The Legal Outreach Vice President is expected to support the President in the organisation of school visits and the production of education materials for students. They should be detail-orientated and be prepared for the time-commitment of in-person workshops. They will also have the opportunity to lead on certain aspects of the project, such as managing the training of Student Volunteers and assisting with editing blog posts.

The Outreach Officer focuses on the development of external relationships and initiatives that would seek to benefit the Project’s aims of increasing school visits and providing valuable learning opportunities for its members. The Outreach Officer is also responsible for the production of learning materials for these students such as maintaining and improving upon the Legal Know-How Blog.

The Legal Outreach Project organises an online mentorship scheme which partners KCL volunteers with Y12 students to provide advice and guidance on university life and UCAS applications.

The OMC is expected to be detail orientated and capable of handling a high volume of administrative tasks and emails. Effective communication skills are required to engage mentors and mentees, to facilitate productive relations between the two.

Legal Outreach Project

Open Positions: Human Rights Project

image (1).png

Initiative Lead

The Human Rights Project (HRP) is looking to hire student volunteers for the 2022/2023 academic year. The Initiative Lead is expected to have a project proposal to undertake throughout the academic year. HRP is seeking a project that will raise awareness on a particular human rights issue with an actionable plan. For example, a series of fundraisers, event ideas or ongoing volunteering initiative.

Human Rights Project

Open Positions: Mediation Project


The KCL Mediation Project is part of the Pro Bono Society at King’s College London. Our primary aim is to enable students to attend Mediation Training (with 218 Strand) and become qualified Civil and Commercial Mediators. We also aim to build a national reputation as a project by organising opportunities for students to utilise their Mediation skills through competitions, volunteering initiatives, panel events and more.


Vice President

The President is expected to lead on these initiatives and develop new ideas for expanding the project’s reach and network of students. For instance, organising socials and partnering with charities for Pro Bono experience.

The Vice-President is expected to support the president in the organisation of competitions and events related to mediation. on these initiatives and develop new ideas for expanding the project’s reach and network of students. For instance, organising socials and partnering with charities for Pro Bono experience.

Mediation Project

Open Positions: Amicus Chapter

Amicus ALJ is a London-based charity that helps secure legal representation for death row inmates in the United States. The Amicus Chapter at KCL raises awareness about capital punishment.

It is strongly recommended that applicants have undergone Amicus Capital Punishment Workshop and familiarised themselves with the charity. Check out our podcast episode on Amicus here.


Vice President

Previous presidents have hosted ticketed information panels in collaboration with Amicus ALJ, inter-university moots with other Amicus Chapters, essay writing competitions and more. The President is expected to organise fundraising events to support Amicus ALJ. The President should be creative and organised, with the ambition to develop a full fundraising calendar to maximise awareness and capital.

The Vice President is expected to support the President in organising their fundraising events. They are expected to be enthusiastic and willing to engage fellow students and encourage them to join Amicus ALJ as members.

Amicus Chapter

Open Positions: Climate Justice Project


The Climate Justice Project aims to raise awareness about climate change, and the associated legal issues. Some ideas to continue from 2021/22 include; monthly socials, Panels Events on specific issues such as Fast Fashion etc.

Check out our Climate Justice Podcast episode here.


Vice President

The President is expected to have an ambitious resolve and be willing to implement a strong roster of events and initiatives in 2022/23.

The Vice President is expected to support the President in their organisation of events. They are also encouraged to take the initiative to develop their own set of volunteering opportunities, research opportunities and events.

Climate Justice Project

Open Positions:
Junior Lawyers Against Poverty

Vice President

JLAP aims to raise awareness about the power that the law has to combat poverty. Our JLAP Project is connected to the wider JLAP and Lawyers Against Poverty networks, which span the United Kingdom. We are looking for a Vice President to join our team. They will organise events and initiatives, attend JLAP networking events, and work with our wider Society. They must be proactive and passionate about the interaction between the law and wider societal issues.

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